Scary Halloween Pumpkin Patterns
Scary Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Scary Pumpkin Patterns

Halloween is a time for the ghouls and goblins to come out as well as jack-o-lanterns! Whether you are an adult or a child this site is for you if you are looking for scary pumpkin patterns to help you carve your own terrifying pumpkins. Enough with the cute pumpkins! This site is dedicated to truly startling patterns, so beware!

Getting Started with Scary Pumpkin Patterns

First off, if you're not an adult, it is important you ask an adult for help. Next, check out our how to carve a pumpkin guide. Then, browse our Scary Pumpkin Patterns gallery and find something you like! Print out the pattern and off you go! Keep in mind that you can also use our patterns for inspiration in designing your own pattern. You don't have to follow our patterns exactly. Feel free to get creative and add your own personal flare.

Featured Scary Pumpkin Patterns

Here are a few of our favorite patterns. We've selected an easy, medium and hard pattern. We suggest easy patterns for kids under 8, and the hard patterns for any one looking for a challenge.
Scary Pumpkin Ghost Pumpkin Stencil Dragon Stencil Pumkin
Scary Pumpkin Ghost Pumpkin Stencil Dragon Stencil Pumpkin

Send Us your Scary Pumpkin Photos

We'd love to see how you did and share your efforts with the rest of our visitors. Just drop us a line using our contact page and we'll email you instructions on how to submit your photos. (We don't list list our email address to help prevent spam.) With each submission please include your name, city, state and age. Thanks for visiting Scary Halloween Pumpkin Patterns .com. We wish you a happy and frightening Halloween!

Fun Facts About Halloween and Pumpkins

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